12 x 12 Multiplication/Division Grid + Lesson Booklet

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12 x 12 Multiplication & Division grid


NEW 12 x 12 Multiplication & Division grid manipulatives are available now! + Lesson Booklet

Flexitable offers a useful teaching resource for all who are looking to teach children multiplication and division through high quality, flexible manipulatives. With the Flexitable times table grid manipulative, the red numbers that run across the top of the grid and down the far left hand side act as the multipliers and multiplicands in multiplication. Easy to use, these are the perfect multiplication teaching materials for children, offering a fun and easy way to learn.

These tables are also useful for division, as they work in the same way. As a completely manipulative division learning resource, children can simply fold the times table chart in order to find the correct numbers that they need. For division, the red numbers can function as divisors and quotients. Flexitable is working to revolutionise learning of multiplication and division, through fun, easy methods!


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